Basic Information  Edit

Aaron Auranymph, a primary character to his alternative characters, Shane Snowheart, and Ashlanne, was created July 10, 2011, in Highroad Junction. Aaron is known to be an active explorer through out the entire realm, but also a known Insider. Aaron join to be an insider as of April of 2012 (as resources show). Aaron is to be known as an active "go-getter" in game, along with a great friend. Aaron is to be, most likely, on any server with the stars (known to be a 'Populated' server), or his primary server, Server 1. You can find him in the Main Areas of Tanglewood Fort, Seaside Beach, or at Sanctuary Square.

The History on AaronEdit

Aaron was known to be raised by a high in royalty queen, Queen Valerian. Valerian was known to be Aaron's 'Step-Mother,' which he dearly hated. His father, Arnesto Auranymph, died when he was only a little pixie, after he re-married to the Queen. Valerian has taken him as his own son, and raised him to be high in Royalty... but as time turned, Aaron was gone from the palace, never have to returned. Recently (Jan. 2012), Aaron was found behind a grave, playing with Fireflies. As Royal Guards came along to find him... he fled, with a quick of a snap. Aaron did not want royalty to rule his life.. but to only live his life to the fullest. Aaron was known to be the 'Rebel of Sanctuary,' until December 25, 2012... That day, Aaron came home to Valerian, and told her the 'real story.' Valerian understood his reasoning, and accepted him as he would like. From that day on, Aaron has been free from Royalty, along with being able to live with freedom, instead of having the paparazzi around everyday. Queen Valerian carried on with her life, visiting Aaron every chance she could. Aaron was happy to be away from the royal guild, and happy to be back where he belonged... Insiders.

 Up-To-Date Information on AaronEdit

Aaron was currently known to have at least 6 Jobs Maxed (as of Jan. 2013), and is currently obsessed with loving orange. He was last saw to be in the <Insiders> guild.