Postman Alec Lifehammer

Alec Lifehammer as a Postman.

Alec Lifehammer is a human boy who used to be a Postman and Farmer in the Wilds. He later was invited on an adventure. He accepted the request and became an Archer. He has 4 pets: a dog named Barkley, a penguin named Ruby, a turtle named Baby Bubba, and a chicken named Mr. Feathers.

Life in the WildsEdit

Life in the Wilds was kind of dull for Alec. He'd wake up in his small condo about an hour before dawn. He'd quickly feed his pets and then would ride a horse to his farm. On his way, he would deliver mail to people. When he arrived at his farm, he would plant crops, water them, and pick weeds. That would continue until one very special day...

An Unusual DayEdit

It was a lovely Friday. He woke up early and did what he usually did. Then, while he was taking a break from farming just as the sun was beginning to set, a Wizard approached his farm. "I am in need of a citizen's help for an adventure, and you look like a good one," the Wizard said. "Depends. How long will the adventure take?" Alec asked. "An adventure can take any amount of time," the Wizard replied with a smile. Alec thought. "Give me until Monday," he said. The Wizard nodded and walked away. Alec rode home. He made himself and his pets some dinner, and then began packing up.

The Beginning of the AdventureEdit

Monday came, and Alec, along with his pets, went to the Sanctuary in the Sacred Grove with the Wizard. The rest of the adventurers were there, waiting for them to arrive. When they arrived, the Wizard looked at Alec. "What would you like to be? Warrior, Ninja, Medic, Wizard, or Archer?" the Wizard asked. "Archer," Alec replied. The Wizard then handed Alec some Archer gear, a quiver, and a bow. Then they turned to the rest of the crew. "We need to get to Snowhill. There is a teleporter artifact here that is being tested to take people to Snowhill," the Wizard said. They walked over, tried it out, and arrived in Snowhill.
Archer Alec Lifehammer

Alec Lifehammer as an Archer.

Adventures in SnowhillEdit