The Lady Catharine.

Catharine Marie Seawood (born 16 January, 1995) is a resident of Sacred Grove. 


Catharine Seawood's family goes way back. Catharine is a descendant of Katharine the Great (who she is named after). Her mother, Lady Eleanor (later Seawood) Diamondspark, and her aunt Lady Melissa, were ladies-in-waiting to the Princess (later Queen) Valerian of Sanctuary. 

Catharine's grandfather, Lord Stephen, was a familiar figure in King Harold's (died by poisoning) court. The whole Diamondspark family was given the title "baron". 

Catharine's paternal side goes way back. It is rumored by many people that Catharine should be on the Sanctuary throne, not Queen Valerian. It is argued by many people that Catharine is a descendant of Ayani's second son, Prince David. Though this is dismissed by many people. It is also rumored that Catharine is related to Queen Selene of Snowhill and also King Fergus of Shrouded Glade. 

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