Welcome to the Free Realms Character Wiki

The Free Realms Character Wiki is a free place for anyone who is interested in SOE's MMO of Free Realms. If     you have a Free Realms Character and you are interested in giving your character their own back-story, then here is the place to go. You can check other players pages out and see if you like it. Start contributing now!

Wiki Rules

While this wiki is a place for players to make their own unique character stories, and therefore has very few format guidelines, there are some rules which must be followed. Please do not add any foul/inappropriate language to pages or chat, do NOT bully, and do NOT harrass other players, if you do there will be punishment;
Punishment varies on the act and/or the past history of the user from previous blocks.
Wiki Usernames that contain foul/inappropriate language or users with provocative/inappropriate avatars will not be allowed to edit.
Please do NOT use this wiki to promote religion, politics or gangs.


We will be hosting events in Free Realms a lot. Our first event will be when the Festival Of Hearts comes out. So check that calender and be ready for the wiki event!